Overseas Photo Response

Unreached Peoples’ Missions has received some great letters from national ministries overseas thanking UPM for supplying them with Bibles.  One pastor said he gave a New Testament to a converted Hindu as well as to some youths in his church.  Another gave scriptures to new converts created when they showed the Jesus film in their village evangelism.  I have posted a few photos below that were sent along with those letters.


A national pastor distributed these Bibles donated from Unreached Peoples’ Missions.


Christian Book Outreach

Novel For A Japanese Audience
Islamic Encounters Book
Book Outreach Letter From Overseas Library

This outreach in terms of donating books to overseas and U.S. libraries is tied to Unreached Peoples’ Missions.


Unreached Peoples’ Missions Powerpoint

UPM Powerpoint

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Bible Outreach

Scripture Outreach To The Poor

Scripture Outreach To Youth

Letter From National Ministry

Nonprofit Status Letter

See the pictures of national ministries sharing scriptures with the poor, youths and others in Southeast Asia.

Christian Bookstore

Unreached Peoples’ Missions receives many requests for Bibles from national ministries overseas.  If you would like to donate to this outreach, contact UPM at P. O. Box 789, Troutdale, OR 97060 or at cwdupm@yahoo.com.  All gifts are tax-deductible.

You Can’t Outgive God

“…blessed are those who sow beside all waters.” Is. 32:20

Unreached Peoples’ Missions is a nonprofit organization.  Thus far no funds have been used for anything else besides direct outreach to national ministries overseas.